Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus !


buy pack of 3 full grooms for your dog to be used 6 months up front and enjoy a 10% discount (all grooms must be for the same dog).


If your pet has had 3 full grooms in the past 6 months enjoy a 10% discount on your pet’s next groom.

Terms and conditions:
The 10% discount is for the same pet only and discounts are not transferable.
Loyalty offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless expressly stated.
Grooms are individually priced based not just upon the size and breed (see indicative price list) but also on the condition of the pet. If a pet is severely matted or in poor condition or aggressive or uncooperative then the grooming price charged will be higher than the listed “from” price.
Loyalty discounts are taken off the price after premiums for matting, condition, aggression etc have been added.
The price to groom a particular animal may vary from one groom to another (for example because of a general price increase, because of a change in condition, because the price charged for an earlier groom failed to take in the cost of dealing with any issues that arose in that earlier groom etc)
The likely cost of a groom will be agreed in advance if issues arise during the groom that prevent the groomer from carrying out all points listed on the full groom/mini groom service list (for instance aggressive behaviour) there will be no reduction in cost.

That said – we offer a 100% guarantee that if you are  unhappy with your groom then we will refund your money.